We provide mobile and sanitary partitions that serve to divide space and as a design element.


Within our Partitions division, we can create an interior that is fully adapted to your project. Whether your project is an office building, a hotel, a shopping centre or any other project, we will be the right partner to create your ideal space. We use our partitions to divide the space and make it soundproof.

What types of partitions do we offer?

Mobile partitions

Mobile partitions are suitable for the possible temporary division of office spaces (meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc.) and the division of other public areas (e.g. shops, schools, nurseries, etc.). In this segment, we offer mobile partitions as an exclusive representative of the German manufacturer Hufcor.

We also provide collapsible acoustic partitions from the Swedish manufacturer Winab.

Mobile partitions Hufcor are mostly designed as suspended panels in a rail system fixed into the ceiling structure. This solution enables an undisturbed transition of floor coverings and the integrity of the space when two rooms are connected.

We offer mobile partitions with an acoustic attenuation of up to 57 dB, which are available in solid or glazed panels. When deciding about the surface, you can choose from a wide range of materials (CPL, HPL, veneer, and perforated surfaces to improve the acoustic reverberation in the room).

The glass panels are made of a steel support structure to which glass panels are glued, and the overall impression of these partitions is very design and luxurious (Jaggermeister – Smíchoff). In addition, the panels can be supplemented with tiltable blinds to separate rooms if necessary visually.

We can offer partitions in manual and semi-automatic versions. The semi-automatic implementation serves for electronic panel locking, not for automatic sliding.

In the preparatory phase of the project, we can offer our clients a detailed drawing of the future mobile partition, including the parking system of individual panels. These can be parked in the axis of the partition or placed in any space via a rail system so that when unfolded, the partition takes up as little space as possible and does not hinder the area’s usability.

Another type of mobile partition, which Hufcor company offers, is system G300. All-glass panels can optically divide a space without acoustic attenuation requirements. Their essential use can be found in shopping malls to separate commercial units and common areas. For example, we made a large-scale implementation in the T-Mobile store in OC Pankrác.

Winab Collapsible partitions Collapsible partitions Winab are mostly used in areas where anchoring into the ceiling structure is not possible and where is a need to divide the space with partitions on a daily basis. The partitions are made up of panels joined together via hinges to make handling as simple and quick as possible.

The panels are guided at the top in a system rail, and their weight lies on the floor in the guide through a system of castors.

The most common use is in educational facilities, when a quick acoustic division of rooms is needed several times a day so that different classroom activities can be organized there (play and sleeping area, dividing a classroom into two smaller working groups, etc.).

Hufcor catalog


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Sample list of Super Standard HPL Surfaces


Sample list of Basic HPL Surfaces


Sample list of Basic Melamine Surfaces


Winab catalog


Technical sheet Winab


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Sanitary partitions

Sanitary partitions are designed to divide toilets or used as changing cubicles.

As an exclusive representative of the German manufacturer Schäfer for the Czech Republic, we offer a wide range of sanitary partition systems. It’s primarily partitioning, made of DTD panels, sandwich panels, or compact desks, ideal for wet areas or glass panels.

These partitions can be used to separate individual toilets, such as changing cubicles or shower screens. They are primarily used in shopping malls, administrative buildings, hotel segments, schools, and sports facilities.

As part of the supply of sanitary partitions, we offer lockers from the same manufacturer, which can be used in spas, swimming pools and hospital environments.

We offer all of these products together with the design of a suitable system according to the application’s needs, the solution of atypical details, the measurement of the premises to the implementation itself, and installation work.

We have a strong experience with large-scale projects (for example, sanitary partitions for OC Harfa, OC Palladium, ZŠ Zdiby, Hotel Clarion, Hospital Pelhřimov, Chateau Bělá pod Bezdězem and many others).

More information you will find on Schäfer website: https://cz.schaefer-tws.com


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