Glass partitions Clarus will add an attractive design to your offices.

Glass Partitions Clarus services

The visually attractive design of partitions will beautify every interior. Moreover, thanks to their easy and dust-free installation, it offers a solution to every area and will provide easy reconfigurability of the partitions.

Clarus division focuses on designing, producing and implementing glazed partition systems. This system was developed in Czech Republic. Thanks to this, we can prepare the right combination of design forms for the client, including the appropriate acoustic attenuation, both for the glazed partition and the doors integrated in it.

We have been a manufacturer and supplier of Clarus partitions since 2016. With our range of individual profiles, which we keep in sufficient quantities in stock at all times, we can quickly react to the demands of our clients and offer them fast delivery times.

We offer simply glazed partitions type CLARUS S1 (frameless version) and type CLARUS S2 (frame version). Those systems are designed to divide areas where acoustic attenuation is not the most crucial requirement.

Double-glazed partitions type CLARUS A1 and A1+ (frameless) and type CLARUS A2 (frameless) are systems used in places where acoustic separation is essential. For example, it can be in meeting rooms, telephone booths and offices with privacy requirements.

CLARUS system A1+ was developed for more demanding design implementation of frameless double-glazed partitions, where the door segment is placed into the glass surface (e.g. realization in our Letňany showroom and projects for Škoda Auto).

As a part of the supply of individual systems, we also provide atypical arched glass for single and double-glazed partitions.

We can provide you with glazed partitions with double glazing up to a height of 3600 mm.

Door segments (solid, glazed or all-glass frame doors) can also be part of the glass partition delivery. Additional equipment can be integrated blinds, partition stickers or special dimmable glasses (implemented by Jaggermeister – Smíchoff).

Within delivery and implementation, we offer a complete service. Starting with free processing of price quotations, followed by surveying the premises, drawing up production documentation, ensuring coordination with the necessary subcontractors of the investor (electrical installations, joinery, etc.), to moving and assembly work during the implementation and completing the order. After finishing the undertaking, we take for granted to hand over the necessary documents to approve the designed premises.

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