Our HVAC division offers highly technical building services including Heating Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Plumbing.

HVAC services

Our HVAC (building services) division is focused on maintaining the highest quality standards in the building. We take care of all aspects, from air quality to the optimum temperature to water systems. Our main area of operation is the B2B segment (office buildings, shopping centres, logistics and industrial halls, and larger residential projects).

Our qualified team of experts is responsible for the following areas:


  • installation of heating distribution systems in various materials
  • installation and replacement of electric and gas boilers
  • supply and installation of underfloor heating, radiators, convectors
  • installation of heat pumps


  • supply and installation of air distribution systems
  • supply and installation of fans, control elements, filtration equipment, air heaters
  • supply, installation and commissioning of heat recovery units, including MaR system
  • installation of distribution elements (outlets, plate valves, thermostats, slotted outlets, diffusers…)


  • indoor water pipelines
  • sewerage systems
  • indoor gas piping


  • air conditioning designs for family houses, apartments, offices
  • implementation of VRV, split, and multisplit systems
  • delivery and installation of air conditioning units, including interconnecting ductwork and condensate drainage
  • HVAC system (dampers, heaters, fans, etc.)
  • air conditioning (central and local control), heating (boiler control, underfloor heating, pumps)


  • installation of sewerage and water supply systems
  • installation of fire water distribution systems, including hydrants
  • replacement of taps and water heaters
  • assembly of furnishing items (toilets, washbasins, etc.)


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