About us

What is our company about, and what do we do at SIS?

Who we are?

We are a company consisting of a team of enthusiastic construction professionals. Our offices are based in Prague, Brno and České Budějovice. We offer top-quality construction products and services. Our domain is commercial spaces designated for the B2B sector. Therefore, we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive reconstructions of offices, business centres, logistics halls and other spaces. When implementing our projects, we rely on our long-standing experience.

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Why are we doing it (mission)

We believe that nothing is impossible in the construction field, and everything is just a matter of creativity, experience and an effort to find new, unbeaten paths. We are not a company that will tell you that something is impossible. On the contrary, our aim is to develop new, innovative solutions that will most accurately reflect our clients’ ideas. We like to break down conventional wisdom and step out of our way to help our customers as much as possible.

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