We value natural energy sources, which is why we have chosen to offer solar energy for your projects.

Renewables services

The SIS Renewables company is an important part of our SIS family. It is a Czech supplier of photovoltaic power plants and other renewable energy sources.

The company is engaged in the following activities:

  • Construction of photovoltaic power plants
  • Electricity production and delivery to the place of production
  • Implementation without the need for equity (EPC contract)
  • Support services (ČEPS)
  • Implementation of AC/DC charging stations
  • Subsidy activities

An essential part of every collaboration is a thorough consultation with the client about their intentions and reasons for wanting a renewable energy source or other energy measures. Then, according to the client’s ideas, we find and implement a suitable solution, including complete service and administration.

We can also help you communicate with the distributor and relevant authorities, including engineering, and we will be happy to provide the services of our subsidy manager.
The client doesn’t even need to have enough capital to implement the PV plant. In such a case, we proceed to a so-called EPC contract.

Within EPC contracts, we invest in the construction of the power plant, maintain and service it for the duration of the contract, and the client can benefit from having cheaper electricity from us. After the agreed period, the power plant passes into the client’s ownership.
The collaboration doesn’t end with a handover protocol in a standard turnkey implementation. Instead, after the project’s handover, we will ensure its legalization, revision, dispatching and, if necessary, license to the ERÚ (Energy regulation office).
After the complete implementation agenda, the service phase begins, with which we will also be happy to help you.

We approach each of our clients individually, listening to their wishes and needs, and according to that, we try to find the most effective solution for them. A Renewables company definitely isn’t a newcomer on the market – their first photovoltaic power was built already in 2018 by its CEO, Matěj Houdek and since then, up to 10MWp of installed capacity has been implemented.

Our other division also deals with the recycling of photovoltaic panels and the refit of semiconductor cells, because the future of the installed technology and our planet is not indifferent to us!


SIS RENEWABLES is newly committed to complying with the Quality Standard, as a proud member of the Solar Association, the largest professional association of entrepreneurs in solar energy (principles for installation and service of photovoltaic power plants).

It’s more than clear that this step means a lot to us, but it means even more to you!
We are committed to being a professional partner in the field of photovoltaics with a guarantee of an effective and ethical solution to your energy plan.

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