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We supply doors for all types of buildings.


Our Door division provides all types of doors for office buildings, office fit-outs, shopping centres and residential buildings.

The implementation of doors includes the supply of complete door segments, including door frames, fittings and essential door equipment (electric locks, door closers, etc.). Simply choose the type of door you want, and we will manufacture it for you. We’ll create the door that best fits your project – whether it’s an interior door, exterior door, facade door, fire door or a door with a security class requirement (e.g. a safe door).

We can offer a basic design in either a fluted or flangeless version. However, do not be afraid to specify more complex requirements regarding acoustics or material design. For example, doors with a double frame provide superior acoustic qualities.

In terms of material, you can choose from wood, steel, aluminium (full or part-glazed), aluminium with glazing and all-glass doors. These can be supplied with a door frame or as a separate glass leaf in the opening using frameless door hardware (e.g. GEZE, BARTOSINI, DORMA, etc.) We follow the latest trends in the industry. We can therefore offer you various design options – for example, doors with hidden frames, which have recently become a widely used design element in interiors in both the office and residential segments. Different types of sliding doors, either manually or with the help of a motor, are included in the delivery.

When ordering from us, you can always count on us for a comprehensive quotation and to solve your special door equipment requirements. Our customers appreciate that they can place an order with us for all the doors in their project, making the entire implementation process as easy as possible.


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