Did you know that according to statistics, the Czech Republic is the most industrial country in the European Union? At SIS Systemy we believe in Czech industry, and that’s why we offer construction services in this field. We can create a suitable solution for companies, which are doing business in the fields of manufacturing, energy, chemical, engineering, food, metallurgy, etc.

We have a strong position for example in, in the area of raised floors, which allow extra space for the installation of electrical wiring and are also resistant to dynamic loads (forklift crossing, heavy machinery, etc.) Our company also provides data centres and other building modifications for production plants. For demanding industrial implementations, we have a system and certified robust solutions and highly experienced project managers who are leaders in their field.

In manufacturing and logistics facilities we can offer built-in offices, control centres (control rooms), staff facilities, and much more. n addition to high functionality, we can also adapt the space to make it visually attractive.

A pleasant workplace will be appreciated not only by employees but also your company will benefit of it thanks to higher employees productivity. A well-organized woking place and a nice atmosphere in the building strongly impacts an emplyeee performance.

We can divide the space appropriately and make it visually attractive with CLARUS interior partitions, sanitary cubicles, changing rooms, doors of various parameters (office interior doors as well as technical doors) and mobile partitions.

When working on your project, we We use our in-house divisions (electrical, HVAC, production of our own CLARUS glazed partitions, double flooring, floor coverings, doors, partitions (mobile acoustic and toilet cubicles). Our divisions give us a greater degree of self-sufficiency and independence from subcontractors, allowing us to complete your project to a high quality and within the agreed timeframe.

This means you will receive a turnkey construction service, saving you a lot of time and money so you can concentrate on your business undisturbed.

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