SIS is a rugby fan!

SIS fandí rugby

We are proud to become a main sponsor of the Czech rugby union. This union has been operating in the Czech sports field since 1993, and it’s the governing body of rugby in the Czech Republic. It currently unites 37 rugby clubs across the country. One of the reasons why we decided to support this […]

A new member of the SIS family – Renewables

Solar panel surface

We have an ecological mindset!

We care about our planet’s future and want to build our projects with an emphasis on renewable resources. That’s why we connected our business with Matěj Houdek – a supplier of photovoltaic powerplants REsolutions. s.r.o.

The advantage of our projects is that we always communicate their goals and objectives with our clients, and based on that, we create a concept that meets with their ideas. Moreover, there is no need to have the capital to implement a photovoltaic power plant. Listen to our interview and learn how it all works.

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